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We do audio!

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We offer all services associated with recording, mastering, forensic audio and post-production

A N Productions

El Paso, TX

(915) 858-6259

Voice Mail: (915) 490-1005

E-Mail: ANProductions1@juno.com

Our facility offers the latest in digital recording. Unlimited tracks on hard disk, with Adobe "Audition" software and top of the line hardware and software including Plug-ins for mastering and tons of digital effects. We specialize in audio editing and mastering. Our rate is $35.00 per hour. We can handle ADAT, DAT and all other types of digital media, and can produce "one-of" and short run CDR's. We Still offer analog recording if required. Some of our outboard equipment includes: DigiTech Studio Vocalist, Aphex exciters, Lexicon Multi-Effects, DigiTech Studio Quad, Yamaha Compressors, Roland Studio Effects and several keyboards and sound modules from EMU, Roland, Korg, Boss, etc. We track with Mackie pre-amps and consoles and Shure KSM44 Mics and many others. We offer song publishing through
BOLITA MUSIC-BMI, our sister company and will release your project on one of our record labels or your own. We arrange and produce all styles of music and have access to some of the best talent in the southwest with in-house engineer, producers and arrangers. 



We Master Audio

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